Inform yourself about us and our work in Kenya

Read all the information on our website and you will see that you can trust us. With us, the money reaches the sponsored children and we make sure that your sponsored child attends school.


Get in contact with us due to our contact form

At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form. Here you can just put all you informations in and if you have a wish for your sponsorship leave us a message. If you have questions you can also just contact us.


We will contact you and find a child for you

In the next few days we will contact you and talk to you about the next steps. A sponsorship is something very intimate and something beautiful. Together we will find a child which can support and enables the school education.


We bring your child to school and keep you updated

Our local staff will get in touch with your sponsored child and their family immediately and deliver the joyful message. At the next possible time, we will accompany your child to the first day of school and pay the amount you paid at school.

You can terminate your sponsorship at any time – without giving any reason. Just write us a mail or give us a call.
We will end the sponsorship and pay you back the money proportionally
to the remaining months in the year.




We accompany children who we can often send straight to school without any problems immediately after paying the school fees. These children have a birth certificate and are just waiting to pack their things and dash to school. All of our school beginners will be send to primary school first. The reason for this is that they need the knowledge of the primary school. Together with the school director we find a suitable solution for each child and work to make the school time as beneficial as possible. Our secondary kids will continue in the same school they’ve been before. For this sponsorship, we ask for support of € 50 a year. School fees, school uniform, exams, books and writing tools are included.

50 € per YEAR



We accompany a lot of children with a special need as well. The reason can be for example the situation at home, the level of poverty or a disability. Children with a disability, may be it physiological or psychological, require special attention and therefore also support in their daily life. Parents with children who have a disability have a very difficult time in Kenya because the costs of education are very high, so they have to look after them all day and can’t work. For the support, we can’t tell you a amount for all the disabled kids together. Each child is unique and has special needs. Please just ask us and we can tell you the amount per child, so that we can send the kids to a school where they get the attention they deserve.



Stefanie Hanssen

Sponsor to children and organization

“Lea Kabitzsch helps children in Kenya become what they want to be – whether a chef, pilot, fashion designer or monster truck driver. Frau Tonis Parfum supports the 25-year-old in her great mission. Chapeau!”

Pia Kabitzsch

Sponsor to Cathrin, Sara, Nancy, Stacey

“I thought about sponsoring children in need for quite a while now, however not knowing if my money will really be used where it is most needed, made me hesitate. I am now “under Lea’s trust” and a proud sponsor of four beautiful children. The communication went smoothly and I received pictures of my children on their first day of school. I am telling you guys, nothing will make you more happy than seeing these children in their cute little uniform, overly excited to finally being able to attend school… thanks to you!”

Virginia Hartwig

Sponsor to Emma Moraa

“When I heard about Lea`s project I instantly knew I would want to support it. One can notice how much love and effort she continuously puts into it and it was heartwarming to see her bring those children to their first day of school with all the excitement and nervousness in their faces. I trust Lea through every step of the way and would totally take on another sponsorship. I`m beyond grateful that I could give Emma the opportunity to continue school because she deserves it, like every child.”

Alexandra Winter

Sponsor to Nancy Atieno

“After being in Africa for tree months, also visiting the Kenyan Slums and getting to know the reality and conditions of life there, it is the best feeling to help those people. Especially those who need our support the most. Helping the kids with sponsorships to go to school and make their better life gives me hope and happiness that everyone of us can make this world a little better. Luckily „UNDER Lea’s TRUST“ makes it possible in a beautiful transparent way and I am grateful to be part of it.

Mia & Sirdan

Sponsor to Loise

“We are very grateful that Lea makes it possible to give children a new life in a transparent way, which is not known in this way! We are happy every time about the updates and the development of dear Loise. Here you know 100% where your money goes. Thank you dear Lea and your whole team!”

Vi Anh

Sponsor to Jane

“I admire Lea and her organization and everything they have already achieved so far. It is so touching how much heart and soul they put into their work and how many children they have already been able to give a better future. I am super proud to be able to contribute a small part to this!”


Contact us Now

    Blackboard77,00 €

    What should we write here? A classroom without a blackboard is not a classroom.



    Blackboard77,00 €

    What should we write here? A classroom without a blackboard is not a classroom.



    Bricks15,50 € for 10 bricks

    To build our school we sure need bricks. For 155,00 € we can buy 350 bricks in Kenya.



    Chair20,00 €

    We calculate around 20 chairs per classroom.



    Desk25,00 €

    We calculate around 11 tables per classroom.



    High bed50,00 €

    We would like to teach our kids to grow their own vegetables and therefore we would like to have five high beds in our courtyard.



    Iron sheets13,00 €

    For the roof of the school, we would like to install iron sheets, with an individual value of 13.00 €. Further costs arise during the assembly.



    Lamp10,00 €

    To create a perfect study enviroment we plan to install around 6 to 8 lamps per classroom.



    Roof3.000,00 €

    For the roof of the school we need about 6,000 bricks, with an individual value of 3.00 €. Further costs arise during the assembly.

    School bus20.000,00 €

    In order to bring our school children safely from home to school and back, we need a school bus.



    School clock100,00 €

    To always know the time (and knowing when you're to late for class) we would like to install a school clock.



    ShelfBig shelf: 47,00 € 

    Schoolbook: 5,00 € per book

    Little shelf: 3,00 € per child

    Pencils: 1,60 € for 10 pencils



    Sign50,00 €

    To identify the school, we would like to put a large nameplate above the front door. Production and assembly together cost € 50.00.

    Sign160,00 €

    We would like to say thank you to all the sponsors and place a sign in front of the school to appreciate the donations properly.



    Slide385,00 €

    To keep our kids entertained during the break we would like to install a slide in our courtyard.



    Solar panel1.150,00 €

    To provide our school with enough electricity we would like to install six solar panels on the roof.



    Swing385,00 €

    To keep our kids entertained during the break we would like to install a swing in our courtyard.



    Window65,00 €

    To install a window in the school, we need about 65.00 €. Give the children a view.

    Window120,00 €

    To install a window in the school, we need about 65.00 €. Give the children a view.