Our new projects - Desired gifts

We thought about the following: Maybe you sometimes also look for a gift for friends or relatives, but they already have everything? Just give them a donation for children in need.

We have put together a collection of gift ideas for the children from our organisation on our website, from which you can individually choose the gift that is right for you or for the person you are giving the gift to. Whether it is a school bag, school book, school uniform, toys and play equipment, clothes, hygiene articles, food donations or a bag of vegetable seeds to support the own sustainable cultivation of food for self-help on site, the list of what is needed is long.
We chose exactly these gifts because the children really need them. So it’s not just anything, but something they need and deeply desire.

Once you have decided on a gift, simply click on the corresponding picture and choose your gift! You can also add a personal dedication.
You will then receive an official, personalised certificate for your gift.

We would like to point out that we do not give the gifts to a child selected by the donor, as we are particularly concerned about social equality between the children. We either give gifts to all our children together or actually to the children who need the gift the most. We believe that each of our wonderful children deserves to be considered. We also do not want to create envy among the children and avoid sad little faces.

Happy faces through your donated, desired gift !!!


Partner search for our Food Program

We are looking for sponsors or companies as cooperation partners for our already well-known food programme, where we distribute a warm meal to the children in the slum every Saturday.

Do you know someone, do you have a company yourself or other ideas?

Feel free to send us an email to
We look forward to hearing from you!

A warm meal in the slum every Saturday

Start of holidays on the 4th of March and final exams

On the 4th of March, most of our children (pre-school children, children in grades 1 to 7 and children in grades 1, 2 and 3 in secondary school) start their well-deserved school holidays.

These last until the 25th of April, when a new school year begins.

Children in the final classes (grade 8 and grade 4 in secondary school) have several important final exams during this time.

Well-deserved school holidays and important final exams

A little cooling down and a highlight in the holidays

Pool Day in April - Fundraising campaign starts from March

March and April are the hottest months of the year in Kenya.

To give the children a little cooling down and a highlight in their holidays, we organise a pool day.

The fundraising campaign for this starts at the beginning of March 2022, but we are already in the planning stages for this great event for the children.

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On Friday, the 27th of May 2022, we organized a swimming day with 154 children and five staff members in the swimming pool of the Shark Palace. The event was a success and offered the children an unforgettable experience.


Team introduction – Rio

Finally we introduce you to our project manager in Nairobi.... Hi, my name is Charles Mwangi a.k.a Rio from Nairobi, Kenya. I am 31 years old and very passionate when it comes to dealing with children.



Finally the time had come: We could celebrate our first live event in Germany together with you! On 11.06.2022 about 500 people danced together with us at Gestrandet Mitte for our children in Nairobi.

Tableau noir77,00 €

Que devons-nous écrire ici ? Une salle de classe sans tableau noir n'est pas une salle de classe.


Faire un don

Lampe10,00 €

Pour créer un environnement d'étude parfait, nous prévoyons d'installer environ 6 à 8 lampes par classe.


Faire un don

Tableau25,00 €

Nous calculons environ 11 tables par classe.


Faire un don

Bus scolaire20.000,00 €

Afin d'amener nos écoliers en toute sécurité de la maison à l'école et vice-versa, nous avons besoin d'un bus scolaire.


Faire un don

Panneau solaire1.150,00 €

Pour fournir suffisamment d'électricité à notre école, nous aimerions installer six panneaux solaires sur le toit.


Faire un don

Toboggan385,00 €

Pour divertir nos enfants pendant la pause, nous aimerions installer un toboggan dans notre cour.


Faire un don

Balançoire385,00 €

Pour divertir nos enfants pendant la pause, nous aimerions installer une balançoire dans notre cour.


Faire un don

Lit surélevé50,00 €

Nous aimerions apprendre à nos enfants à cultiver leurs propres légumes et c'est pourquoi nous aimerions avoir cinq lits surélevés dans notre cour.


Faire un don

Chaise20,00 €

Nous calculons environ 20 chaises par classe.


Faire un don

ÉtagèreGrande étagère : 47,00 € 

Livre scolaire: 5,00 € par livre

Petit tableau: 3,00 € par enfant

Crayons: 1,60 € pour 10 crayons


Faire un don

Tableau noir77,00 €

Que devons-nous écrire ici ? Une salle de classe sans tableau noir n'est pas une salle de classe.


Faire un don

Horloge scolaire100,00 €

Pour toujours connaître l'heure (et savoir quand vous êtes trop en retard pour la classe), nous aimerions installer une horloge scolaire.


Faire un don

Briques15,50 € pour 10 briques

Pour construire notre école, nous avons besoin de briques. Pour 155,00 € nous pouvons acheter 350 briques au Kenya.


Faire un don

Bouclier160,00 €

Nous aimerions remercier tous les sponsors et placer un panneau devant l'école pour apprécier les dons comme il se doit.


Faire un don

Fenêtre120,00 €

Pour installer une fenêtre dans l'école, nous avons besoin d'environ 65,00 €. Offrez une vue aux enfants.


Faire un don

Feuilles de fer13,00 €

Pour le toit de l'école, nous souhaitons installer des tôles de fer, d'une valeur individuelle de 13,00 €. D'autres coûts surviennent lors du montage.


Faire un don

Bouclier50,00 €

To identify the school, we would like to put a large nameplate above the front door. Production and assembly together cost € 50.00.

Roof3.000,00 €

For the roof of the school we need about 6,000 bricks, with an individual value of 3.00 €. Further costs arise during the assembly.

Fenêtre65,00 €

Pour installer une fenêtre dans l'école, nous avons besoin d'environ 65,00 €. Offrez une vue aux enfants.