Children should be allowed to be children. Under this motto we would like to bring joy to our children and make recurring events such as the pool day but also educational excursions possible.

Club members are kept up to date regularly and benefit from many new offers through ULT. On top members will receive a yearly message on their birthday and information about projects earlier than other sponsors.

ULT also benefits from the club, as donations make the sustainability of the association possible. The donations will support all of our projects, motivate our volunteers and allow us to grow in many ways.

Cancellable monthly!

… and if you’re low on cash you can easily pause your membership for up to a year without losing any of the benefits you’ve gained. As we said, happy children, happy members, happy us!

How are we using your donation?

Your donation will be divided evenly among our three funds: the Club Fund (33%), the Emergency Fund (33%), and the Food Fund (33%).

  • Food Fonds
  • Club Fond
  • Emergency Fond

The CLUB FUND is intended to enable the sustainability of the offers, excursions and workshops for our children, to recruit new supporting members as well as to enable them to receive benefits.

The FOOD FUND is intended to support on the one hand our already implemented Food Program and on the other hand our project ``Catering for our school children``, which was started this year.

About 300 children and their families can benefit from our EMERGENCY FUND in case of an emergency. Such an emergency occurred for example in September this year, where the house of one of our children burned down and the family was left on the street overnight.

Our activities with the ULT Happy CLUB


School sponsorships are affected by tuition increases and are relieved by the ULT Happy CLUB.


50 more children are to receive a meal on Saturday & more children will receive lunch at school twice a week.

The children from the fourth grade of elementary school should get their first contact with native animals once a year.
Once a year, the children should experience a strengthened sense of community, self-confidence and security through field trips.

Children from the high school class should receive individual career counseling and information about the process after graduation once a year.

Elementary school children shall experience a balance of learning through Pool Day once a year & high school children shall receive Pool Day once a year as a reward for a community supporting project.
Children in the ULT program can benefit from the emergency fund in case of an emergency. We need to save a minimum of 1000 € each year.

Not a member yet?

What is our goal with the ULT Happy CLUB?

The goal of ULT Happy CLUB is not to fight the symptoms but the cause of poverty and hunger in the Kenyan slums. With our work we put a big focus on education and helping people to help themselves. By supporting our existing projects such as the Food Program and school sponsorships, we create the necessary foundation. However, in order to achieve better grades, learn in a more balanced way and stick to their own goals with more motivation, we put a further focus on the long-term success of the children with the ULT Happy CLUB. Group outings for the upperclassmen are designed to strengthen a sense of community and career talks are used to highlight future prospects. Trips to the Giraffe and Elephant Centre are designed to give our primary school children their first contact with native African animals and to learn about their lives and behavior through play. The annual Pool Day takes place with all age groups, as this is recurrently the biggest community wish of the children. Through the named activities a sportive

balance shall be found,the motivation for learning shall be increased and the effort for better grades shall be achieved.

In the mid-term, our work should help the growing children, teenagers and adults to develop self-confidence, to experience security, but also to learn responsibility towards themselves and others. Through better grades in exams and final exams, the chance of a future in the dream job increases and there is a way out of life in the slum. In the future, the graduates should act as role models for future generations and show that it is possible to achieve one’s goals with one’s own efforts.
The long term goal is to reduce poverty and hunger through a more stable livelihood in Kenya.
Since we as CLUB only provide the necessary means and the responsibility remains with the parents, our concept is based, as mentioned, on helping people to help themselves. Sometimes it just needs a little support.




Right in the beginning you’ll receive a small package with little welcome presents. You can now happy show everybody your ULT Happy CLUB Membercard!* Every year we organize a raffle together with great brands. With a 1.5 year membership you get two raffle tickets for free!

* in Europe living members only



Come and volunteer with us in Kenya! We are more than happy to welcome you and show you our work. Volunteering with ULT costs you 10 € per day all inclusive. With 6 month membership you get one week for free! Come and work with us!



For all our ULT Events with an entrance about 10 € you can get in for free and even bring one other person with you. For all events above 10 € entrance you have a 20% discount!



Every year we organize a raffle together with great brands. With a 1.5 year membership you get two raffle tickets for free!



For your two years membership we will send you a small canvas, which you can draw on. Send it back after you got fully creative and we will hang it up in our school!


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Our monthly report

On the night of August 20-21, a fire broke out in the Soweto slum. This news shook us deeply.
The fire was started around 1:00 a.m. by a cooking stove whose owner was already asleep and later died in the incident. In total, five houses burned down. One of them was the house of Gabriel, who is supported by the school sponsorship program to be able to go to school. Gabriel, his little sister Emily, and his mother lost everything that night, including all their furniture, clothing, and Gabriel’s school uniform. Currently, the family is temporarily staying with a friend, but where they have a room that is far too small for all three of them. We are very grateful that they have temporary housing. However, this is obviously not a permanent solution. We would like Gabriel and his family to be able to move back into their own home as soon as possible. The estimated cost of rebuilding their home is about 740 €. But without help, the single mother, who earns her money with odd jobs, has no chance of raising this sum.
When ULT heard about this, it was immediately clear: ULT Happy CLUB wants to help! Consequently, our monthly project of the ULT Happy CLUB is the reconstruction of the house.


Our ULT Happy CLUB strengthens the sustainable development of our association. Thanks to your minimum donation of 10 € per month, we can continue to guarantee our offer for the local children even in times like these and constantly develop further. Under the motto “Happy children, happy members, happy us” we want everyone to benefit from the club.  This month we have therefore created a guide on how you can easily deduct your membership fee and other donations from your taxes. You are not a club member yet? Then quickly become a member, support ULT and at the same time deduct your contribution from your taxes! We are looking forward to you!
(Note: It is expressly pointed out that no guarantee for the correctness of this information is taken over and the information does not represent tax-legal consultation or the like).

For the first time the German team was at the flea marke with their own booth. The whole project was made possible by the ULT Happy CLUB. We met at 7:00 am, the car was fully loaded and our ULT t-shirts made us recognizable as a team. We sold books, clothes, toys and jewelry. Our booth was at the flea market of the Schönefelder Hornbach parking lot. On Saturday the weather was very hot and we were very lucky to get a shady stand. We were able to decorate the booth with our posters, our new banner and our new roll-ups. This was an absolute highlight! Our own personal successes were having a great day as a team and gaining a lot of experience negotiating. Our success for ULT also makes us happy. We raised €128.50 in revenue and received €71.39 in donations. Less the €34.50 booth fee, this brings us to a net profit of €165.39. We don’t have an exact date for another day at a flea market yet, but we would definitely like to continue this great project in order to be able to continue raising money for our local projects.

Finally the time had come: We could celebrate our first live event in Germany together with you!
On 11.06.2022 about 500 people danced together with us at Gestrandet Mitte for our children in Nairobi. Under the motto “TECHNO CREATES EDUCATION” we celebrated in cooperation with “Less Talking More Dancing” and “Obsolet Records” in beautiful weather, laughed and collected many donations for our projects.
All in all, our first live event was a great success. We are grateful to have many great sponsors on our side, without whom such an event would not have been possible. If you would also like to support us at the next event, feel free to send us an email! We are already sure that this will not be our last event. The anticipation for our next event, where we will again celebrate together for our children in Nairobi, can already be felt in the whole team.

On Friday, May 27, 2022, we organized a swimming day at the Shark Palace swimming pool with 154 children and five staff members. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of course for the children and young people to go to the swimming pool in their free time due to their standard of living. On the one hand, the parents do not have the opportunity to look after the children and on the other hand, there is a lack of the necessary financial means for such an excursion.
Our conclusion for the Poolday was very positive: The event was a success and provided the children with an unforgettable experience.
We are very grateful to have such great, dedicated and imaginative team members on site who make these project days possible.