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In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the Kenyan Government has announced tight restrictions throughout the county to enable social distancing. People in the slums are having hard times. Starvation and lack of hygiene settle in. Help us tackle this situation urgently in Soweto.

We are providing families with packages that include:

- Uji (porridge flour) - Maize - Flour - Cooking oil - Vegetables - Soap

This has an approximate cost of 14€. We have many families in our community which already struggle a lot. Our goal is to be able to provide food for all of them and to contribute our food packages to at least 15 families per week.

No donation is too small, your generous donation will be highly appreciated. Together, we have the opportunity to make an impact on a world that so desperately needs your help. Asante Sana!

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This fundraising is about the childcare project. Many children can’t effort the school fees, so they stay in the slums the whole day, where drug addiction and violation is a daily problem. The Soweto Youth Initiativ owns a really small ground in the Slums of Soweto. The Organization is a place where the kids can stay the day, get some love and hugs and when a volunteer is there (like me) also get some lessons in math, english, hygiene and so on. When the SYI can effort, the kids can get a cup with porridge at lunchtime, but sadly this is also not a normal condition. Back at home the parents also can’t effort much food, so the kids are going hungry to bed. The cost for one porridge for around 50 to 80 or even 100 kids a day is around 7-10$. For us, this is not much money, for them it means life.

So with this fundraising I want to ask you kindly to support this life saving project with an amount you can effort. Your amount will be their next lunch.

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With this project we're collecting money to contribute the schooluniform for every child, which we send to school because of a generous sponsorship. The sponsorship includes only the costs for the schoolfees, so the parents are still in charge for the uniform. Unfortunatly even that is mostly not possible, so the organisation is trying to get some money to spend it into uniforms for the kids.

Even here, no donation is to small. With only 10 $ you can contribute a uniform for one child (not included are the shoes and the schoolbag). If you want to sponsor one whole uniform set, we need to spend 45$. Thank you so much for your help!


Help us to enlarge the project to enable more children to go to school.