Team introduction - Bonface

Here's what we've been thinking about: ULT (UNDER Lea's TRUST) has, thanks to your help and support, developed significantly since its foundation in 2021 and is growing steadily from day to day. In order to share this with you and to bring you up to date as transparently as possible on who is behind the name ``UNDER Lea's TRUST``, from now until the end of the year a member of our team will introduce themselves personally in each newsletter. We have come up with five questions that each member will answer. This month it is the turn of our dedicated co-founder and management representative in Kenya, Bonface.

Hi, my name is Bonface Kangonga from Nairobi, Kenya.

I am 29 years old and very happy to be a co-founder and leader of ULT in Kenya. This makes me a “full time volunteer” of UTL here in Kenya. In doing so, my passion and love for the slum children drives me to work again and again to ultimately improve the lives and futures of these children. mein Name ist Bonface Kangonga aus Nairobi, Kenia.

What are your tasks at ULT?

My main task is to identify vulnerable children in the slum who cannot go to school. I make home visits to the children, which leads to them being enrolled in the ULT programme. I make sure that the children are provided with books, school uniforms and all the necessities so that they can attend classes. One of my favourite tasks is to make sure that all the children are in school.

Why are you involved in ULT?

As a child, I was born and raised in the slum. I grew up with my grandmother and went through many challenges, especially in terms of education: I sometimes missed classes because of school fees, went to school on an empty stomach and lacked learning materials. As a child, this was very stressful and I was very stigmatised. That is the reason why I was fully involved from the beginning when we started ULT. It would give me no peace to see children going through the same challenges I went through when I was growing up and I want to be the change I want to see in the world.

What was your favourite subject and what was your hate subject at school?

At school I loved History and Languages so much that I made sure not to miss any of those lessons. Maths I didn’t hate, but the problem was that the teacher could only come in the afternoon and he knew it wasn’t a good time for the subject because we were all very tired already and you can imagine how boring maths is in the afternoon , but he was still aggressive if you weren’t attentive. That’s why I didn’t like Maths lessons in my school days.

Where do you see ULT in 5 years?

I see ULT in five years’ time in a position where it has a safe space and a centre of innovation for the children of Kenya and the whole of Africa. Improved livelihoods through education have already been created by ULT, driving sustainable community development that continues to change for the better.

Tell a funny/awkward/beautiful story from your school days.

One day my friend and I were telling each other stories about our birthdays and for a long time I never told him about my birthday because in our country we have the tradition that on that day you are washed with water and I was so afraid of it. On the day of my birthday, I went to school normally and was happy that no one knew it was my birthday, but I didn’t know that they knew anyway, even though I hadn’t told them. Therefore, when I entered my class, I was wet within a second. It was still very early in the morning so I had to go home and change.



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That was great! ULT was on TV and we are so happy that we could find more sponsors and more children can go to school now! We will keep you updated! Thank you!


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