Our first ULT Benefit Open Air

Finally the time had come: We could celebrate our first live event in Germany together with you! On 11.06.2022 about 500 people danced together with us at Gestrandet Mitte for our children in Nairobi. Under the motto ``TECHNO CREATES EDUCATION`` we celebrated in cooperation with ``Less Talking More Dancing`` and ``Obsolet Records`` in beautiful weather, laughed and collected many donations for our projects.

How did the planning for the event go?

We started planning months in advance. So we were able to organize wristbands, cups, drink coasters, t-shirts and hoodies with our logo, stickers, info posters, project presentation posters, business cards, flyers, thank you cards, table displays and much more. Thanks to our already long-time helper and logistics student Annika, we always had everything clearly documented and the costs at a glance. A month before the event we started to present it in our newsletter, on our social networks and also to our press contacts. On June 11, the time had come and everything then had to be placed at Gestrandet Mitte. With two hours’ notice (which was very tight), we were able to decorate the beautiful location in the ULT design – colorful, cheerful, full of life.

Having fun on the dance floor

Lea is holding a little speech

How did the event take place?

The event started at 14:00 with our first DJ Max Joni from “Obsolet Records”. The raffle organized by “Less Talking More Dancing” started and the first raffle tickets were sold. We received another message from Bonface, which we were so happy about that we want to share it with you: “I take this opportunity to wish you all the best in our event that’s happening now 😍😍we are together in our hearts 🤗🤗”

Then from 4:00 p.m., people danced to the music of Marvin Jam. Little by little the Gestrandet filled up and every visitor got a red wristband with our logo tied around his/her wrist. At our information and sales booth you could get to know our various projects and learn more about us and our work.

Especially about our ULT Happy Club, which was launched that day. The first members could take their ULT Happy Club mug directly. A membership requires a minimum donation of 10 € per month and the income is intended to enable the sustainable development of our association. In addition, we would like to give something back to our club members for their support (you can find out exactly what that is  here). According to the motto: Happy children, happy members, happy us. Finally, we were able to present our Volunteer Guide, which should make it easier for future volunteers to prepare for their time in the Soweto Slum. At 6:00 p.m. C’mon started its music program. Again, there was a lot of dancing and more raffle tickets were sold among the visitors.

Before A.D.H.S. started to make our guests and us dance from 8:00 p.m., Lea introduced our association and thanked all present for coming. With the help of our local team, the children in Nairobi recorded a few voice messages, which we happily played back. Our children were with us all the time on our posters, with their voices and in our hearts.
At 10:00 p.m. the winners of our raffle could pick up their prizes and we were very happy about the happy faces of the winners.
Since we never want to forget our first live event, the event was captured by a videographer (Yves) and a photographer (Elias). We are very happy about the
wonderful video of the Benefiz Open Air and the great photos.

How did our follow-up work go?

As we all know, after the event is before the event. We met the day after for a team breakfast in Friedrichshagen, toasted our success and enjoyed the good weather. But as self-critical as we are, we immediately started with the follow-up. What went well? What went badly? What do we want to do better next time?
The cooperation with all participants went well. Our flyers, drink coasters, thank-you cards, stickers, etc. were very well received by our visitors. Especially our thank-you cards, with a handwritten message, were well received and we would like to include more personal touches in our work in the future. We were also able to sell a few of our new t-shirts and hoodies, where a large part of the sales price also goes to our projects. Of course not everything went as we planned, but we are looking forward to more hours of follow-up and of course preparation for our next event.

All in all, our first live event was a complete success. We are grateful to have many great sponsors on our side, without whom such an event would not have been possible. If you would also like to support us at the next event, feel free to send us an email!

We are already sure that this will not be our last event. The anticipation for our next event, where we will all celebrate together again for our children in Nairobi, can already be felt in the whole team.


ULT T-Shirts and Hoodies for all Family Members

Since our ULT Benefit Open Air you can buy our new ULT t-shirts and hoodies. We have many different, cheerful colors to choose from. On the front you will find our distinctive ULT lettering, our logo can be found on the back of the clothing. Soon you will also be able to buy them on our website. We are happy about everyone we see shining in our clothes.

ULT Shirts & Hoodies

Our letter action goes into the second round!

Once again this year, you have the opportunity to send a letter to your godchild. Last year, the children were very happy about the letters from their godparents – after all, you are their personal heroes. In September, Lea and Annika will fly to Kenya. On their trip they will distribute your letters to the children. More information will follow in the next newsletter!

Child is holding letter from sponsor

Every child deserves a hot meal!

Expansion of our Food Program!

In July, it’s trial month for our breakfast lunch boxes. We will buy lunch boxes for 20 children. Twice a week, the children can leave them with us in the evening and pick them up the next morning on their way to school, filled with breakfast. Unfortunately, the prices for food in Nairobi have risen even more than in this country. We are even more dependent on your support!

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On Friday, the 27th of May 2022, we organized a swimming day with 154 children and five staff members in the swimming pool of the Shark Palace. The event was a success and offered the children an unforgettable experience.


Team introduction – Rio

Finally we introduce you to our project manager in Nairobi.... Hi, my name is Charles Mwangi a.k.a Rio from Nairobi, Kenya. I am 31 years old and very passionate when it comes to dealing with children.



Finally the time had come: We could celebrate our first live event in Germany together with you! On 11.06.2022 about 500 people danced together with us at Gestrandet Mitte for our children in Nairobi.

Blackboard77,00 €

What should we write here? A classroom without a blackboard is not a classroom.



Lamp10,00 €

To create a perfect study enviroment we plan to install around 6 to 8 lamps per classroom.



Desk25,00 €

We calculate around 11 tables per classroom.



School bus20.000,00 €

In order to bring our school children safely from home to school and back, we need a school bus.



Solar panel1.150,00 €

To provide our school with enough electricity we would like to install six solar panels on the roof.



Slide385,00 €

To keep our kids entertained during the break we would like to install a slide in our courtyard.



Swing385,00 €

To keep our kids entertained during the break we would like to install a swing in our courtyard.



High bed50,00 €

We would like to teach our kids to grow their own vegetables and therefore we would like to have five high beds in our courtyard.



Chair20,00 €

We calculate around 20 chairs per classroom.



ShelfBig shelf: 47,00 € 

Schoolbook: 5,00 € per book

Little shelf: 3,00 € per child

Pencils: 1,60 € for 10 pencils



Blackboard77,00 €

What should we write here? A classroom without a blackboard is not a classroom.



School clock100,00 €

To always know the time (and knowing when you're to late for class) we would like to install a school clock.



Bricks15,50 € for 10 bricks

To build our school we sure need bricks. For 155,00 € we can buy 350 bricks in Kenya.



Sign160,00 €

We would like to say thank you to all the sponsors and place a sign in front of the school to appreciate the donations properly.



Window120,00 €

To install a window in the school, we need about 65.00 €. Give the children a view.



Iron sheets13,00 €

For the roof of the school, we would like to install iron sheets, with an individual value of 13.00 €. Further costs arise during the assembly.



Sign50,00 €

To identify the school, we would like to put a large nameplate above the front door. Production and assembly together cost € 50.00.

Roof3.000,00 €

For the roof of the school we need about 6,000 bricks, with an individual value of 3.00 €. Further costs arise during the assembly.

Window65,00 €

To install a window in the school, we need about 65.00 €. Give the children a view.